In 2014, Epoch Eyewear began building a brand that was known for being the best quality sunglasses offered at prices people could afford. A passion for sunglasses and people has helped Epoch Eyewear to expand rapidly in a short period of time. Epoch’s success grew rapidly after introducing safety rated sunglasses and photochromic lenses in our motorcycle performance products. The safety products delivered sunglasses that people actually wanted to wear when required to wear protective eyewear. The photochromic lenses not only beat competitors quality, but also their prices.

Although Epoch has experienced tremendous growth since 2014, we still operate with the customer service attitude of a small business. We stand behind our product 100% with a no-hassle warranty. We offer free returns & exchange shipping for all retail customers. Any wholesale customer can be confident that if we send the wrong product for your store, that we’ll make sure you get the product that makes you money.

Female Veteran Owned

Rebecca Milner is the majority shareholder of Epoch Eyewear. She is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and a member of the Colorado Army National Guard. She started her military career while in college. Shortly after joining, her unit was deployed to Iraq. While serving in Iraq she worked with the Military Police in detainee operations throughout the country. Since returning she has worked in Public Relations for the Michigan Army National Guard and is currently serving with the 168th Regiment Regional Training Institute (RTI), Fort Carson.

Rebecca’s family has a long military history. She’s proud to be a member of the Army National Guard and is thankful for the opportunity to serve and have the flexibility to be an entrepreneur.

Team Culture

Epoch Eyewear embraces the “work hard, play hard” culture.  We’re fortunate enough to have a non-commissioned sales team that gives their all with the common goal of building an awesome brand and great place to work.  When starting the company, we had people who worked for just about nothing because they believed in what we were doing.  Now we’re able to pay them a little bit more, but that grit and grind attitude is still what drives us and we like to thank everyone here for that.  We often have catered lunches, we pay 100% of insurance premiums, take an annual summer outing like rafting the Royal Gorge, and quarterly parties to recognize and thank our team.  We wouldn’t be here without our people and we can’t thank them enough for helping us reach our goals.

Giving Back

Through our partnerships with Adam Sandoval Rides & Brad Keselowski Racing, we’re committed to supporting American Veterans.  5% of all ASR sales are donated to Motorcycle Missions.  12% of all Brad Keselowski sales go back to support The Checkered Flag Foundation, which is Brad’s foundation.  The CFF is currently working to help build a Fisher House in Ann Arbor, MI, that would support the Ann Arbor VA hospital.  We are honored to work with both Adam & Brad and thankful that we’ve been able to grow with people who have a common goal of supporting America’s heroes.



  • Our sales team is non-commissioned so we can be just that, a team. We offer bonuses based on performance coupled with doing the right thing for our customers and the company. We bonus based on your entire performance, and making sure our customers get what is right for them, not your sales.

  • Epoch Eyewear has a 10 hour window Monday-Friday for you to work. We allow our team members to work with 40 hours a week within that window of time. As long as you're aware of goals & demands of the job, we respect you as a professional and allow you to manage your time as needed.

  • All team members get 100% of their health insurance premium paid after their first 60 days of employment. We believe your health is a priority and want you have the resources to be well and able to live a full life.

  • We have a work hard play hard culture. We want to reward everyone for showing up and going above and beyond for the job. Epoch does a yearly outing such as rafting or ziplining, quarterly celebrations & lots of meals and snacks to let our team know what you do is appreciated!