Motorcycle Performance 3 in 1 riding glass

The hybrid is one of our most popular frames for motorcycle riding. It’s a little big bigger fit than the frame, and it can be worn three different ways; a foam backed riding glass, regular sunglass or goggle. We’ve created a quick video demonstrating how you can remove the foam and arms.

As our motorcycle performance line of eyewear has evolved, the hybrid has been a staple for our customers. It’s available with seven different lenses and three different price points. The $29.95 option offers smoke, amber, clear or yellow lenses. The $49.95 option is a clear to smoke photochromic lens. This is a great price point option for people who want the functionality of a photochromic lens without dropping $100+. The lens gets to a solid grey color when exposed to UV light. If you are someone who wants a really dark lens, we have two options. Both retail for $99.95 and get extremely dark. We have a clear to super dark or a rose to super dark. These lenses change quickly in full UV exposure and will be darker than our traditional smoke lens.

If you’ve considered a hybrid or want to know more about the functionality, watch our quick video to see how all of the parts can be removed: