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The Charlie sunglasses from Epoch Eyewear are functional, full-frame lifestyle sunglasses that are equipped with polarized lenses that have a super-hydrophobic coating.   Features:
  • Lightweight PC Frame
  • Inlaid Rubber Arm Tips
  • TAC Polarized Lens
  • Dimensions(mm):
    • Temple Width: 144
    • Arm Length: 148
    • Lens Height: 43
  The polarized lenses on these lifestyle sunglasses help to reduce glare and improve clarity, while the super-hydrophobic coating prevents water from clinging to the lens. Instead, the water clings to itself and beads off. Additionally, the Charlie lenses are anti-static, preventing dust and dirt from sticking to the lenses. Benefits:
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Hydrophobic Lens Coating
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Comes With Hard Case and Microfiber Bag
  1. Chris Robbins (verified owner)

    awesome comfortable sunglasses I fish drive and shoot sporting clays in mine

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    I was a loyal customer to the big “O” eyewear. Heard of epoch from ASR videos. I am extremely satisfied! Great fit and most importantly lightweight. As a veteran myself I love supporting veteran owned businesses.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Jeff! Thank you for your service and your support to our company. We are so thankful for all of Adam’s fans and we’re glad you are happy with your sunglasses. Let us know if you ever need anything else and make sure to message for our veteran discount code for 30% off your next purchase. -Rebecca

  3. Blake M.

    I have been an avid Costa wearer for 10+ years, but came across a pair of Charlie’s (black/green mirror) at a local driving range today and had to have them after trying them on. Cannot beat the price and the glasses fit/wear/feel better than some of the higher priced Costas I’ve had. Right now expectations are high and I’ll see how they handle golfing and fishing with more wearing this spring/summer. May have to order a camo frame pair for hunting season if they continue to meet/exceed expectations.

    The only thing I’ve noticed is the description here on the site says the lenses are scratch resistant and the glasses are supposed to come with a hard case. They didn’t have a case and mine have a couple of light scratches on one of the lenses. I’m sure it’s from mishandling from customers trying them on before I got them since they weren’t in a display case, but I may have ordered straight from EE if I would have known those two things before buying them. Still excited about my purchase and looking forward to many days of comfortable wearing ahead, though.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hi Blake, Thank you for leaving a review. We’re glad to hear you’re happy with your sunglasses. I’d be happy to send out a hard case & cloth since the retailer missed getting that to you. Please email with your address!

  4. Ryan Cook

    Great glasses I also picked mine up at my local golf course. Strangely enough I received the soft cloth but they also missed the hard case is this normal ?

    Well regardless the glasses are amazing, Perfect today while golfing. I live on a river and they cut the glare out of the water better than other manufacturers that are 3 times the cost. I will recommend them to everyone. My favorite feature is how light they are.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hey Ryan, Thanks for leaving a review! I’m glad you’re happy with the sunglasses. We send the cases to retailers, but they don’t always make it to customers. If you ask next time you stop into the shop, they may have them in the back. Where did you buy them? I can make sure they received them. if it was our mistake, I’d be happy to send you one out. Thank you!

  5. Tiffany Brulotte

    I just picked up a pair of these Charlie’s at our local sport fishing shop. They are beyond comfortable and as a daughter of a veteran I will buy more to support your brand! I only wish I knew about your website before purchasing as I would have order through here to get the hard case which was not available at the store. Keep up the great work!

  6. Doug Raley

    Only had them a short time and mirror finish on lens are really scratched. Not very scratch resistant. wish i could just replace the lens. Love the fit and frames

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hi Doug, I’m sorry your sunglasses scratched quickly. It isn’t normal, but it can definitely happen. If products wear or break due to use, we offer a 50% off code within the first year of purchase. Shoot us a message if you’d like to use that code to replace them. Thank you!

  7. Dalton H (verified owner)

    Great Glasses!!! I’ve recently bought my first pair and already looking to order another. All the guys at the Fire Station love them and are ordering them a pair as well. High quality without the over exhausting price. They have earned my business for life. Can’t wait to order my next great pair!!!

  8. Mark H.

    Found these at a local golf course and was blown away by the price. Really great fit and the lenses are crystal clear. My “O” brand were beginning to show scratches and I didn’t want to spend over $100 to replace them. Very happy so far with my purchase. I’m also a veteran and glad to support a company owned by fellow members of the armed forces community.

  9. Brad K (verified owner)

    I’ve had a pair for over a year now and they are awesome. Just ordered my second. These fit great and are very durable. I skateboard and ate it hitting my right eye socket on pavement and the sunglasses didn’t even get a scratch!

    • Cameron Baer

      Thank you so much, Brad! Hope you’re alright after the wipeout!

  10. Kevin A

    First and foremost Hooah army veteran here it’s so important to me and my veterans to support veteran owned companies. I own three different pair of Epoch Eyewear sunglasses. Two foxtrot one Charlie for now I’m looking to purchase about 40 pair for all my veterans. This glasses are hands down the best you get the same or better quality with Epoch Eyewear that you do from the other brands we’ve owned for 200 bucks. I’ve worn these glass fishing,yard work,while deployed to two different countries,shooting to you name it. Life time supporter now for sure

  11. David Pascal (verified owner)

    I’m buying these for my Dad who loved my clear Foxtrot with green polarized lenses, the problem is the Foxtrot is a tad too narrow for his face, but the Charlie is a little wider, so I’m excited for him to get them!

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