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Epoch 3 is a stylish and sporty full frame sunglass.  The arm is built with co-injected inlaid rubber making it ultra comfortable.  The Epoch 3 is available in a variety of lenses, all of which are shatterproof polycarbonate and block 100% of UV rays.  This style has been a favorite for golf, motorcycle and everyday use.

  • ANSI Z87.1 Safety Rated
  • Lightweight PC frame
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Fit: One size fits most
  • Dimensions(mm): Temple Width-138, Arm Length-118, Lens Height-32
  1. Kenny Gerathy

    Awesome set up for riding! Very comfortable n strong, lens clarity is superb. They really got it right with these!👍👍i have worn them with all of my helmets n no issues whatsoever. U only get 1 pair of eyes, why screw around with the crap out there!? Go with these n get what u pay for n exactly what you need! USMC Veteran

    • Rebecca Milner


      Thank you for your service, first of all. I’m so glad to hear you love the Epoch 3! If you ever need more sunglasses make sure to message us for our veteran discount code.

  2. Michael L. Claypool

    I have been wearing the Epoch 3 riding glasses now for almost a year. I use the Photochromic lenses. They are awesome. heard about them from Adam S. and his riding. I have worn more expensive glasses but never any better. Highly recommend these. U.S.Army Veteran 1971-77.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Michael, thank you for your service. HOORAH! So glad to hear you are happy with your sunglasses. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review.

  3. Doug Lindeman

    Great glasses….ride daily and have no issues. My question is, how does the foam insert come out? They are hard to clean without removing the insert. Thanks for your help.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hey Doug, So the Epoch 3 does not have foam. Do you have the hybrid? This is a link on how to remove the hybrid foam. https://youtu.be/5b2tbiBNrw8 . Feel free to give us a call if you ever have a question. Happy to talk you through it, too. Thank you!

  4. Mallorie bush

    I love the black frame, smoke lens of epoch 3 I would order another pair I have two now but love them

  5. Jeremiah

    These are an awesome pair of glasses. I just got them about two weeks ago and they are better then my $130 pair of riding glasses. Thank you all for what you do.

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    Yet another pair of awesome glasses from Epoch Eyewear! This is my fifth pair of glasses from Epoch, I have loved them all. I will be back for my next pair as well.

  7. Donald Kallansrud

    Like many responders, I also purchased my glasses from my Harley dealer. I first purchased a pair of regular sunglasses and enjoyed them so much that I purchased a pair of photo chromatics. Used them once and was admitted to the hospital and could not ride. They sat in the case until recently and I took them out to ride. The lenses were clear and no amount sun exposure will get them to darken, even wearing my dark set and placing the photo set on my faring while riding does anything. I contacted you about prescription lenses for both pair but am holding off as wanted photocromatic lenses.
    Other than that, I enjoy both pair and wear the photo chromatics when I need clear lenses.
    Will always support Veteran businesses as I am a veteran also.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hi Donald,

      Thank you for purchasing our sunglasses. The Epoch 3 is a great frame. If you weren’t happy with the photochromic lenses, I’d be happy to see if we could replace them. The lenses are guaranteed to transition for about 2 years. They only transition in UV light, and different elements like how bright or overcast & the temperature can change how dark they get. Additionally, when customers order prescription lenses in the “photochromic” technology, they receive the transition brand lens you’d get from your regular eye doctor. Testing the sunglasses personally, I’ve yet to have any trouble. I’d be happy to test a here before to make sure they’re transitioning before you receive them. –Rebecca

  8. Theodore Brotsch

    I like these. One thing a motorcyclist has to deal with is waning light at the end of a riding day. The photochromic lenses make for a perfect riding glasses package. Don’t have to pull over and dig through the bag to switch glasses or lenses. The slim temples fit nicely into any of my helmets and the full coverage frame blocks wind and debris nicely. Best part is replacement cost is minimal. Scratches, breakage, and just losing them (or snatched by a riding buddy) are common maladies with sunglasses. A $150 pair of Oakley’s is pretty damn depressing when they go AWOL! I always carry two pairs on long trips anyway. Not to mention, these #%@&ers dispatched a #%@&ing fat grasshopper with cold precision, that would of at least raised a good sized shiner on my right eye, just this morning! Cleaned them off…..not a scratch. Just, what I can only assume was, a pair of grasshopper nuts wedged in the corner of the lens. Great product! Buy them before a grasshopper gets you!

  9. Joseph Burton

    Would like to try a pair

  10. k.c. gulbro (verified owner)

    These Glasses- Great- even for my big mug- fit like a Wiley x but more comfy- not as hard of plastic that seems to dig in the side now and then. didnt’ get transitions- but the smoke. block the sun well- well made- and their customer service is Top Notch- never had I seen a company respond so quickly to emails and reviews! makes me feel comfortable doing business with them for the long haul!

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