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The Epoch Hybrid is the best motorcycle eyewear on the market. The Hybrid can function as a regular sunglasses, foam riding glasses, or goggles.   Features:
  • Lightweight PC Goggles
  • Removable Arms Can Be Replaced With A Goggle Strap
  • Fit: Medium to Large
  • Dimensions(mm):
    • Temple Width: 150
    • Arm Length: 113
    • Lens Height: 39
  The vented foam padding on this motorcycle eyewear is removable, leaving the frame open like a regular sunglass frame. Additionally, the arms can also detach so you can connect a goggle strap if desired. The Hybrid provides function and comfort whether you’re riding your motorcycle or using them for everyday wear. Benefits:
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • ANSI Z87.1 Safety Rated
  • Removable Foam Backing
  1. Rocky

    Very impressed. Seal around your eyes like no other. As good as a goggle but smaller. Super comfortable. Me and my wife both have a pair and would recommend to anyone. 👍

    • Rebecca Milner

      So glad you’re happy with your sunglasses and thanks for taking the time to review. The hybrid is turning into one of our best selling motorcycle sunglasses!

  2. Gary Wilmoth

    I purchased a pair of these from the local Harley Shop. Fit and Function are great. Unimpressed with the “SuperDark” function though. They don’t seem to change much at all.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Gary, We have received some feedback about the super dark function not performing to expectation for everyone. I will email you and we’ll find a solution. Sorry to disappoint, but I promise we’ll make sure you get your money’s worth. –Rebecca

  3. Jaymes Collard

    Bought these from my local Harley dealership. They fit great but they don’t darken very much

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hi Jaymes, Did you get a regular photochromic lens? Or a super dark lens? The photochromic coating can sometimes take a few times transitioning to “activate”. However, if you’re not happy with the product, or don’t feel like you’re getting what you paid for please email sales@epocheyewear.com and we’ll find a solution for you. Thank you for trying our product and we’ll make sure you get something you’re happy with.

  4. Bart Grimes

    I went on a road trip with a new pair of goggles, that had a VERY tight strap, in hopes it would stretch out. It did not and it was very uncomfortable. Stopped a Harley dealer and found your Hybrid goggles. At first I was thrilled. The clarity and field of vision were better than any I had tried in the last 20 years but after a couple of hours the plastic frame became painful on my nose. Too bad. Up until that point I would have been a customer for life.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hey Bart, I’m getting through comments and see this is your second one on the hybrid. I’m going to send you an email and we’ll find a solution. Also, I have a new goggle that is being designed. Since you’re clearly a google guy maybe I could have you do a little testing for me. THANKS for the feedback. 🙂 -Rebecca

  5. Bart Grimes

    Field of vision and clarity are amazing but the hard plastic sits on my nose and the pain makes them unbearable to wear for any length of time.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hey Bart, I’m sorry to hear this style isn’t a fit for you. We have a lot of options and if you’re open to it, we can find another style for you to try and we can exchange the hybrid you have for another style. They all fit differently, so I’m sure we can find something that is comfortable for you to wear. Thank you! –Rebecca

  6. Jeremy Beaudoin

    Purchased from my local Harley dealership, was impressed with the fit and the fact that the wind is not in your eyes at freeway speeds. Purchased the smokes lenses and was hoping that the lenses would get darker being as I have light sensitive eyes, also they tend to fog up when indoors or not riding.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hi Jeremy, thanks for leaving a review. For the hybrid, we have lots of lens options. If you purchased the regular smoke, it is not a photochromic darkening lens. We do have 2 different photochromic options. You dealership may not have carried all of them. If you call 844-239-6252 or email sales@epocheyewear.com we can help you find the right option for you. Thank you!

  7. Kevin Rogers Jr

    Best Damn sun/riding glasses I have ever owned. Beat out my Wiley Xs, Oakley’s and HD

    • Rebecca Milner

      Right on!!! Thank you so much, Kevin!

  8. Damon Carter

    Purchased a pair of the hybrids in Sturgis in 2017. These are some of the best riding glasses I’ve ever owned. The normal wear and tear happens but with this company’s warranty, one can’t go wrong.

  9. Joshua

    Got a set of these because I work night shift I ride in just after sun set and home at sunrise I love them it’s nice to only have one set glasses fit is great(I’m a size medium helmet) they darken in the time it takes me to get my gear on field of view is good and the foam vents but doesn’t let so much air threw that you tear the only bad thing I have to say about these glasses is it’s hard to get the bugs out of the bottom air channel

  10. Amy Davidson

    Purchased a pair of these from my local Harley dealer. Love the transition. The vented gasket is a bit to vented for me lets too much air thru. Need to make gasket to go directly on the glasses without the extra piece. Otherwise the fit great and I use the strap for the goggle version.

    • Rebecca Milner

      Hey Amy, Thanks for giving our glasses a try and we appreciate you leaving a review. The hybrid has been an especially popular frame, but we do have the folding goggle that has foam that isn’t vented. It retails for $24.95 if you’d ever like to give that a try. Thank you so much!

  11. Susan Anding

    I accidentally ran over my Harley Davidson riding glasses 3 years ago during Bikes Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville, AR. We went to the Harley dealership in Rogers to buy a new pair. Your rep was there and after trying on the different models I decided to buy a pair of the Hybrid. These are THE BEST riding glasses I have ever had. I still have that same pair and they are still in great shape. I love that I can wear them as goggles or glasses, but mainly wear them as glasses. I’m so glad your rep was at that rally!

  12. Shane

    Bought my bike in 2018 and when I stopped at the Harley dealer and found your hybrid glasses, I’ve done nothing but wear them for a year straight!!! Absolutely love them!! The lenses hold up great an a very durable pair for sure. Highly recommend this pair.

  13. Jason Wagner

    Bought a pair at the local HD. Love the function/fit of the glasses. Have yellow tinted shades, super crisp.. Better than most retailer for $100-$150!. Reason for the three stars- shades were suppose to adjust some per sales rep, which they did not. Also, did not come with case, cloth or strap.

    • Danielle Casa

      Hey Jason! I’m sorry your glasses didn’t come with the accessories! I’m going to send you an email now and we’ll get you taken care of!

  14. Paul

    Bought a pair at a local Harley Dealership, very impressed with them for riding both day and night. I will definitely be recommending these to friends, but I will tell them to buy direct as the mark up at the Harley dealer was double the cost on the site so I wound up paying $25 more even after a 30% discount. But as a veteran I am alway happy to support fellow vets.

  15. Jared LaFrank

    Had a pair of Wiley X transition glasses prior to trying these. I wasn’t impressed and started looking for a new pair. I found these and they fit great, the foam around the lenses was soft and comfortable and allowed enough air flow that fogging up was never an issue. The only complaint is the transition doesn’t get dark enough.

  16. Larry Spillman (verified owner)

    Received my Hybrid glasses today. Fantastic….Absolutely perfect! Recommend these to anyone who rides a motorcycle. Fit perfect and the lens from clear to smoke is exactly what I wanted. Suggestion…add the cost of the case for these to the cost of the glasses and make the glasses and case a package. An additional $5.99 to the price of the glasses will not break the bank. Thanks for your help and for a great product.

  17. Clinton W White

    Recently purchased a pair of the super dark hybrids, loved everything except that they don’t really seem to darken very much.

  18. Bill bright

    I bought a pr of the smoke foam hybrid they fit extremely comfortable…but they dont transition and said was scratch resistant…like the salesman says and didnt get bag or storage box .just glasses off rack. Reason for 3 stars… is there any warranty with them like he said?

    • Danielle Casa

      Hey Bill! We offer a one year manufacture warranty on all of our glasses. The smoke does not transition- we do offer a photochromic lens which will transition when exposed to direct UV light. I’m happy to send you a case if you could please email me at danielle@epocheyewear.com. Thank You!

  19. k.c. g (verified owner)

    My head is size 26 inch- FAT HEAD!- These glasses fit great- not to tight or snug- not loose where they slip off- They are the mamma porage of sunglasses- Just right. I Got the Transition lenses- although they may not get as dark as I thought (i did read the reviews about them not getting to dark)- they do take the glare out and I can wear them comfortably on a sunny day. These are comfy glasses- work great with or without my windshield and more comfortable than the Wiley x’s they replaced. They do let a little air in which I don’t mind- as that is why I bought them and not goggles. nighttime riding they keep the glare out from oncoming cars and are crystal clear. Really recommend them. I do now just use them for the night as that is why I bought them, as I still have my first pair of epoch sunglasses. Guys and Gals- all I can say is try them out, you will be happy.

  20. beth white

    They fit very well, however, they don’t get dark in the sunlight. Basically, just a clear pair of sunglasses that keep debris/bugs out of my eyes. Purchased from my local shop and overpaid.

  21. Josh Feimster

    Great glasses. Bought these at my local Harley shop. The lenses do transition, but it isn’t as much as I hoped for. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any protective coating for the lenses. Sat them on my seat to buckle my helmet and a 2 1/2 foot fall scratched both lenses right in my field of vision. They are my favorite glasses though. I just wish they would darken more in the direct sunlight.

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