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If you are currently selling sunglasses in your store and you don’t have Epoch, you need to talk to us!  Our core line retails for $19.95 and has exceptionally competitive wholesale pricing.  Our pitch has always been “If we can offer you a better product for less money, would you consider us for your store?”  We can do just that!  In addition to great margins on our core line, we are the only dealer of the ASR Magnetic Sunglasses, which help raise money for Motorcycle Missions!

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Private Labeling

We can customize any frame top to bottom for your brand or event.  From the inside printing to hangtags, you can make these products totally yours.  Below are some of our favorite projects, but let us show you what we can do for you!  Send an email or call 844-239-6252 to get started.  Once we receive your logo and information, we’ll send back a digital mockup.  We can tweak the design to get it just right.  Production takes 45-60 days.

  • By default, our wholesale payment terms are Net 30. We always work with our customers to figure out how we can be your favorite vendor. Need 60 days? Just let us know. Slow start to your season? We can always extend.

  • We have a non-commissioned sales team that works to make sure you have the products that sell in your store. Don't feel pressured to take a big order or keep styles that aren't a fit for your clients. As you start to work with Epoch Eyewear, we'll learn what works for you.

  • Epoch has adopted a standardized pricing structure. We're a small business and respect the time/space/financial needs of our customers. You'll get the same consistent pricing regardless of how much you order. No need to hold a bunch of inventory to save $1-2 per unit. We'll hold the inventory and keep you stocked up on your terms.

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Our company will always have the human element. We're not governed by policies that don't make sense. You get to choose who you work with, so we'll do our very best to earn your business. From pricing, payment terms, product selection -- we'll always go the extra mile to find a solution that works for your store.