Warranty and Returns

Care Instructions

Sunglasses are plastic and they will break.  We work really hard to use quality materials and manufacturing, however the majority of our customers are super strong and ridiculously good looking.  We can't all be bothered with the day to day troubles of taking care of our sunglasses.  With that in mind, we'd like to offer a few suggestions to avoid breakage, damage, scratches, and basically just trashing your new shades! 

1.  We strongly suggest not sitting on them.  Those buns of steel or sugar are dangerous and the pressure on curved plastic getting smushed flat into your butt cheek ruins the integrity of the plastic.  This type of pressure also applies to running over them over with a vehicle or bike, letting your dog chew on them, or watching your toddler just rip on the arms and look adorable all the while.  The list goes on, but hopefully you get the picture.  Wear them or put them in a case to avoid this type of damage. We have a great selection of cases available to purchase just one click away!  

2.  Lenses, especially mirrored lenses, will scratch.  They're designed to look through.  They're not designed to rub against rocks, tools, pavement, salt, sand and Cheetos.  Even your favorite flannel that's been washed a thousand times and is as soft as can be has fibers that with repeated use can cause scraping and wearing off the lens coatings.  To best care for your lenses use water, lens cleaner and ONLY a microfiber cloth.  And not like the microfiber shop rags you buy in bulk.  We're talking like sunglass bag super silky style microfiber.  The fiber is SO MICRO it shouldn't scratch your lenses.  You're in luck, because we also sell those super luxurious microfiber bags!

Return Request

You have 30 days to return or exchange your sunglasses!  We will email you a pre-paid shipping label. It’s all done through the customer portal.  After your return is approved you'll receive a return label in your email and you can send the product back to us!  We'll issue a refund upon receiving your return.  

Click here to start your return in the customer portal. 

Manufacturer's Defect Lifetime Warranty
We warranty all manufacturer’s defects for the life of the product. This includes frame coating defects, drill mount defects or drill mount cracking. Scratches on lenses and most frame breakage are not considered a manufacturer defect. Frame manufacturer defects include loss of frame enhancement, chipped paint and malfunctioning hinge or mount.  

To submit a Manufacturer's Defect Warranty, please fill out the form by clicking below: 

Manufacturer's Defect Warranty Submission

Wear & Tear Limited Warranty
For all purchases made on EpochEyewear.com you receive a loss or breakage protection guarantee. If you loose or break your sunglasses within 12 months of the purchase, you can fill out the Wear & Tear warranty application to receive a 50% discount good for the purchase of one item on our website. We want you to love your sunglasses and accidents happen! So we want to make sure you get to enjoy your sunglasses, for as long as possible! This offer is good twice in the 12 month period. If for some reason your sunglasses break or are lost more than 2 times in 12 months, we ask that you purchase the 4th pair so that we can continue offering this great protection guarantee.

Wear & Tear Warranty Request Form

Photochromic (Darkening) Lens Warranty & Returns

What to know about photochromic products: 

Photochromic lenses do have an expiration date.  From the date of activation -- the first time they're exposed to direct UV light -- they should transition from clear to dark for about 2 years.  Photochromic lenses offer a great function, especially for motorcycle riders.  However, they are a sensitive product that performs differently based on different elements.  

  • Heat can make them darken more quickly and take longer to return to clear. 
  • Inside a car, when the windows have a UV coating, they will not darken. 
  • On overcast days, when UV rays are not as strong, they will not fully darken. 

This product is really cool!  The science is that particles layered between the plastic lenses literally changes it's pattern in UV light exposure which causes the lenses to darken.  After time, the particles break down, which is what causes these lenses to get less dark and less clear.  

With all of this in mind, we are happy to extend the following warranty for photochromic products:

Warranty & returns of photochromic products are honored for 2 years from the date of purchase.  Warranty applies to manufacturing defects.  This does not include scatched, dropped, crushed, or normal product wear.  The sole right to determination of manufacturing defects is held by Epoch Eyewear.  Warranty is only valid through original purchaser.  Proof of purchase is necessary for all returns & exchanges.  

Wholesale Return & Support

Please see your invoice or contact your sales rep for assistance with returns or warranty issues.  We've got your back!