Falling for Shades: The Perfect Sunglasses for Fall

Falling for Shades: The Perfect Sunglasses for Fall

Autumn is upon us – a season of cozy sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and vibrant foliage. But, just because the summer sun has set doesn't mean you should put away your shades. As we approach the fall holiday season, we’re here to remind you of the perennial style and functional importance of sunglasses, even as the days get shorter.

1. Why Sunglasses in Fall?

Many assume sunglasses are only for summer, but the sun doesn’t take a break in the cooler months. The low-angle autumn sun can often be more blinding than during the height of summer, especially when driving or when reflected off wet surfaces.

Plus, UV rays don't go on holiday. Protecting your eyes should be a year-round commitment. And let's not forget about the occasional bright, crisp fall day where the sun seems to shimmer even more brilliantly than usual.

2. Fall Fashion Forward

As you transition your wardrobe for fall, your sunglasses should follow suit. Earth tones, tortoiseshell designs, and golden accents are all the rage this season. Think of your sunglasses as the cherry on top of your autumn outfit – the finishing touch that ties everything together.

3. A Style for Every Holiday Event

Halloween: Opt for quirky, oversized sunglass to add some drama or spookiness to your costume. 

Thanksgiving: Choose classy, elegant frames in brown or gold tones to complement your sophisticated holiday attire.

Christmas shopping: Go for comfortable, lightweight frames that won’t bother you during those long shopping sprees.

4. The Perfect Gift

As the holiday season approaches, sunglasses make for a thoughtful gift. They're stylish, functional, and universal. Plus, gifting high-quality shades shows you care about the recipient's eye health and fashion sense.

5. Our Autumn Collection

We've curated a special collection for the fall holiday season, considering the latest trends and timeless classics. From sleek aviators to vintage round frames, we have the perfect pair for every autumn adventurer.


This fall, let's not reserve sunglasses only for the bright summer days. Embrace the changing leaves and cooler weather with a pair of shades that not only protect your eyes but also make a statement. Celebrate the season in style, and remember: sun protection is always in season.

Happy Fall from Epoch Eyewear! 🍂🕶️

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