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ScootinAmerica is a motorcycle adventure that began in November 2014 when Adam Sandoval and his dog Scooter made it their mission to visit every Harley-Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states in order to raise money and awareness for our military and their families. After two years on the road and over 80,000 miles – they have completed this incredible task and raised over $500,000 in donations. . It is their passion and mission to help our country’s Veterans suffering from PTSD and other war-related injuries. Where our government leaves off the Americans will pick up! Our nations bravest deserve our best. We are loosing 22 of our vets daily and spending time in the saddle and within the biker community is a sure way to ensure support and to treat the issues causing this tragedy.


After riding over 80K miles, Adam was contacted by Epoch who wanted to partner in his goal of raising support for Veterans. That was when Adam shared his idea of having a sunglass that could stick to his gas tank magnetically. Since starting our partnership in 2017, we have created the magnetic sunglass arm and more importantly a product that gives back to Veterans.


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