American Labor

American Labor

This weekend we celebrate all of our hard work, by not working hard.

So put on your grilling apron, prank call your boss, get outside, pull out the yard games, and enjoy the long weekend.

The past few years haven't been kind to all of us, but we're still here! Thank you for being a significant part of what this country is, and what this country stands for. Not everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor quite like we do, let's be proud of who we are and how far we've come to get here. 

And tip your servers, they're busting their tails too.


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit.

Unapologetically Patriotic.



  • Bill Matteucci

    I absolutely love your glasses. It’s a shame they are made in China. Even more shameful you have to put “made in China” on the frame. Maybe you could put one of the stickers on in the US and say they are assembled and distributed in the USA. I’ll do everything I possibly can to support our troops. BUT just a suggestion. We are getting way too dependent on China and they are our adversary whether you like it or not. Please try to fix this!

  • Deeg

    Love your glasses but love what you stand for even more! I am a Golf Professional in the DFW Metro-Plex. I wear the glasses shown above exclusively. Even though I have access to much more expensive eyewear, I choose Epoch. I have more people ask your glasses and if they can purchase them at the club. I refer as much business to you as I can. Keep up the great work.

  • Rebecca Milner

    Even when it’s bad, it could be worse. But bad chicken tendies….truly unamerican.

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