Celebrating Those Who Serve

Celebrating Those Who Serve

In honor of Peace Officer's Memorial Day and Memorial Day we will be dishing out support to those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our communities. Regardless of the circumstances, our active-duty military, veterans, LEOs, firefighters, first responders, and front-line workers across the country have and continue to answer the call.

To the individuals and families of those who have sacrificed so much, thank you for serving our country and communities! Tune in this Memorial Day weekend as we donate 100% of profits to Angels of America's Fallen.

The mission of Angels of America's Fallen is to encourage and fund healthy positive activities for the children of fallen firefighters, military and law enforcement. Between grief counseling and scholarships others provide, Angels stands beside the children all year, every year until adulthood. With your help, we’re fueling these kids dreams beyond the ultimate loss. Over 16,000 children have lost their military or first responder parent since 9-11-2001. We encourage the children to find their passion in sports, music, or arts, and pay for it all the way through age 18; focusing on positives and possibilities. The kids engage in frequent interactions with their coach or instructor, and other kids, helping them avoid becoming withdrawn and depressed. Through these sponsored activities, children of our fallen heroes gain a new, positive identity outside of the grief of their lost parent.

Honoring our fallen. Supporting their children. Head over to Angels of America's Fallen to see how you can help today!


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