Mother's Day Shades

How To Ruin Mother's Day

Let's be real, I've been ruining Mother's Day for years. What can you gift your mother when you KNOW that you're the greatest gift she's ever had? 

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All jokes aside, mothers can be the best and can give the most, so give your mother the day she deserves this Mother's Day. There's a billion ways to ruin the day, so instead of giving you terrible ideas, here's some terrible YO MOMMA jokes.


- YO MOMMA SO BASIC, she got a pH level of 15.

- YO MOMMA SO UGLY, when she went to Iran, they ran.

- YO MOMMA SO OLD, when she puts on a green dress she looks like a dollar bill.

- YO MOMMA SO STUPID, she thought Old Navy was a gathering for WWII vets.

- YO MOMMA SO FAT, she blocked the Suez Canal.

-YO MOMMA SO BIG, she represents her own Congressional District.

- YO MOMMA SO LARGE, the last time she tried to get on an airplane her butt was still on the tarmac at La Guardia and her boobs were already violating Iraq's no fly zone.

- YO MOMMA SO EASY, she was an intern for Bill Clinton.

- YO MOMMA SO YUUUGGGEEE, Trump used her to fill the gaps on the southern border (she has since been removed, hence the influx of immigrants at the southern border).

- YO MOMMA SO WOKE, she supports multiple contradictory viewpoints without any valid intellect, experience, or understanding of the consequences of such irresponsible, absurd, and asinine world views.


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