How To Ruin April Fool's Day

How To Ruin April Fool's Day

HA, Epoch face shields? Seriously? C'mon...

As if the past year wasn't enough of a joke's that time of year again. April Fool's Day is arguably the most dreadful, long, and exhausting holiday of every parent's year, provided the children were raised properly. Be prepared, do your research, plan ahead, improvise, adapt, and find a way to ruin the day for those closest to you. There's only one day a year you can use this excuse, so take advantage of it.

How to ruin April Fool's Day:

1. Head over to the main page to SHOP NOW and purchase a pair of shades for your family and friends, best prank of the year.

2. Booby trap the house, piss off your spouse, die lonely and alone.

3. Go about your day without caution.

4. Forget how to take a joke (you slipped and fell on your lubricated kitchen floor, you're not dead, it's fine, you'll be fine).

5. Be gullible enough to believe we're actually selling spray painted face shields.

6. Get moody about us fake-selling fake-product.



Jonathan Wilson


  • Nick Burks

    This is great

  • David Foster

    Too funny

  • Barry Friend jr

    So funny thanks guys for a great laugh and April fools joke. Love your shade by the way to got several pairs

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