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Welcome! Along with our new website, we decided to develop our own blog, and honestly we have no idea what we're doing.

October was a fun month of media fear-mongering, presidential candidate scandals, confusion, debauchery, and sweater weather.

On 10/17 we sent a team to compete in the Colorado Golf Blog tournament series finale (sponsored by yours truly, Epoch Eyewear) at King's Deer Golf Course, and we won! That's a lie, we sent a garbage team that spent more time drinking, smoking, and chilling on the beach than actively golfing. Someone did win though, our team was just too inebriated at the time to recall, they may have left early, who knows. We also sent some of our ladies out to run a booth on hole 1, hand out some shades, and flirt with the losers who came by, it was wild. Cheers to CGB, hope to see you next year! 

We also sponsored an event for the Veteran Golfers Association in CO as well as Tee It Up's 15th Annual Folds of Honor Celebrity Invitational in CA this month, helping raise over $100,000 for the charity organization and their efforts to support families of our fallen and disabled veterans.

To end the month we went out to support the Harley-Davison in Panama City Beach, FL at the Thunder Beach Autumn Motorcycle Rally. As a proud vendor, we spent time in the shop talking to customers, showcasing product, people watching, and nursing hangovers. The rally was originally cancelled, but then they remembered that motorcycle rallies are immune to politicized pandemics. The rally was a blast, and The Land of the Free (also known as Florida) was as fun and beautiful as always. At one point I could've sworn I saw our CEO twerking in a bar parking lot at 3:00am, but I could have been mistaken.


Keep your eyes peeled for Veteran's Day shenanigans!

Epoch Eyewear, out!


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What were you doing in a parking lot at 3am?! I call BS.

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