Epoch Sh*t Episode 1 - Matt Spang

Epoch Sh*t Episode 1 - Matt Spang

Welcome to Volume #1 of our EPOCH SH*T newsletter! This newsletter will feature those who live a life of epoch proportions. Military heroes, freak athletes, up-and-comers, trendsetters, and any other kind of badassery you can think of.


This week we're featuring our very own, Matt Spang. Matt is an Outside Sales Representative here at Epoch that enjoys his family, friends, and his fair share of sports. Some of those sports include sled hockey, wheelchair basketball, and golf.


During Matt's time in the service he was awarded 2 Purple Hearts, a Combat Action Badge, and a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.


Matt grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin (with legs, he wanted us to point out). Matt had a passion for sports at a young age, playing competitive basketball, soccer, and golf until graduating in 2004.


He joined the army shortly after in 2006 as a Combat Engineer (12B), with a career that lasted 7 years and 2 deployments. Matt deployed from Ft. Carson with the 4th Infantry division in 2008-2009 to Iraq, reenlisted for Hawaii, lived on Schofield Barracks for one year, and deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 with the 95th Sapper Company to Helmand Province.


On December 7, 2011 Matt's vehicle was struck with an RKG and was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center to receive his "robot legs," as he likes to call them. It took 2 years for Matt to go through therapy and medically retire from the Army in 2013.


After his time in the service, Matt moved to Colorado to be closer with his daughter. Since moving here he has played sitting volleyball in an attempt to make the US Men's National Team, wheelchair basketball, helped out with camps at the Olympic Training Center (OTC), sled hockey for the Colorado Avalanche A team, and actively golfs with the Veteran's Golf Association (VGA).


Matt is recently married, and an awesome father to his daughter and son.


Check out our very first EPOCH SH*T vlog, as we follow him through his sled hockey practices and hear his story!



  • Russell Marooney

    Question>> I just purchased model Ee3501 from Amazon. First of all, they are comfortable.
    The problem is that they were supposed to turn a darker shade in the sunlight. I live in OKc and the sun is very bright today, and I wore them in that sunlight for over two hours. My main purpose for the purchase was Motorcycle riding & working outside. There were no instructions. I did NOT try to clean or remove anything on the glasses. Can you tell me what is wrong

  • Jesse Trevino

    Going on three years with Epoch Eyewear, the best product and the best savings on the market. To all the men and women serving this great country, thank you and thank you Epoch for your continued inspiration of these great veterans. Come see us soon, Canyon Country Club in Canyon Texas.

  • Linda Conway

    Great to see a company like Epoch Eyewear that is so supportive of our Military and vets. Thank you for your service Matt! You are an inspiration.

  • Rebecca

    Matt! You’re awesome!! Thanks for being our first Epoch story!

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