2021: "Revolutions" Part 2

2021: "Revolutions" Part 2

It's 2021, we're safe from the nonsense now, right?

Wrong! 2020 opened up the doors for a wild future. It's only February and it seems we are gearing up for another wild year. We were hoping to move forward following last year's fear mongering and political polarization, and we even added 6 days to the end of the year in order to keep 2021 unscathed from the Capitol riot on December 37, 2020. But, to no avail.

Dogecoin and victimhood are the nation's trending currencies, censorship is the newest form of debate, and no one can stop Tom Brady from winning the Super Bowl.

Disney made the news recently as Gina Carano, an actress from the Mandalorian, was cancelled for comparing our current political climate of cancelling, hatred, and censorship to Nazi Germany. Oh, the irony!

At most, Carano is guilty of hyperbole, a very common occurrence in our modern day "revolutions," see "Revolutions" Part 1. In an effort to further implement "wokeness" into Disney's corporate culture, they have decided that one mask clearly isn't enough. Thus, from here on out all Mandalorians and Storm Troopers must wear 476 masks each. Any actors in the Star Wars universe who fail to abide by these new restrictions will be cancelled on site and forced to star in a remake of the atrocious Star Wars Holiday Special of 1978.

It's a shame Disney never used their "wokeness" to cancel Walt Disney's anti-Semitism, Harvey Weinstein's sexual assaults, or their gender-based pay discrimination. Always remember, the moral high ground relies not on what is morally sound, but rather what is financially profitable.

Now, a recent winter storm has caused rolling blackouts across the country. When will the madness end, and where did we go wrong?

After all of this never-ending nonsense the question must be asked, what did we really expect to happen following this past year? Our public officials are completely out of touch with the American dream, focusing on fueling hatred for the opposite party and pork-barrel politics. At some point, we lost sight of the battle. Our pocket supercomputer propaganda machines have driven polarized political narratives into our skulls. Contrary to what your favorite brand of media tells you, the battle was and always has been the never-ending, relentless preservation of our American liberties.

They need not fight us, as we have been brainwashed to fight each other.  



Jonathan Wilson

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