A Letter From The Boss Lady

A Letter From The Boss Lady

Dear Epoch Friends,

The goal has always been simple; provide affordable high-quality sunglasses, easy customer service, & create a company culture that makes people’s lives better. As simple as that may sound, it’s pretty easy to f*ck it up. Starting a company is hard! People are even harder! Creating something out of nothing isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but if the past has taught us anything, it’s that we have the grit and grind to make it the distance.

We started this wild ride seven years ago, pregnant at my kitchen table, and I never could’ve imagined the challenges we’d face and obstacles we’d overcome. Our success has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, and we’re just getting started. 

We’re ready to kick it up a notch!

As we kick off the new year, we’re laser focused on who we are and where we’re headed. We want to create new products, partnerships, & opportunities for our team and veteran communities. We’ve got some big plans to build opportunities for our Epoch fans to get out and have some fun on us! Be on the lookout for more info!

But more than anything, I just want to remind you all that when life gets heavy, do your best to keep your eye on what really matters and find a way to stay positive. Find purpose in your day to day, live with passion, and be the positive impact you wish to see in the world.

Thank you for the support & business you’ve given us over the years.  It’s because of you we’ve kept our team employed through these tough times and we are forever grateful!

- Reebs


Rebecca Milner


  • Thomas Knupfer

    Awesome company to deal with! Their customer service department goes above and beyond to help out with any issues. I look forward to ordering in the future.

  • Fred Stokes

    I believe that things happen for a reason that’s sometimes hidden from our natural eyes. For example, I just happened to be at the Daytona 500 a few years ago with one of my former NFL teammates and ran into you guys in the driver’s meeting. And now, the ONLY sunglasses that I “choose” to wear are Epoch Eyewear! Of course, my current pair are a little dated but…they are still the bomb!

  • Chris Wang

    Indeed all past has taught us to keep chin up no matter how bad situation we were in,and have the courage to face up with all set backs and solve all problems.In all, sure EPOCH team will be better and better now and in future!

  • Giselle Levy

    YAS! Love your product and love you, Reebs!

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