Renaming Cheat Sheet

Renaming Cheat Sheet

Uncle Sam visited us in a dream, he said the strength and prosperity of our country relied solely on the renaming of our lame-named products. We've been meandering through the sunglass world since 2014, and things haven't always been easy. We've learned plenty over the last 6 years, and not every lesson came without consequences. Thank you for helping us rename some of our classics!

Check out the cheat sheet below!


Epoch 1 Brodie
Epoch 2 Wake
Epoch 3 Liberator
Epoch 4 Midway
Epoch 6 Cadence
Epoch 7 Kennedy
Epoch 8 McGavin
Epoch 11 Murphy
Epoch 12 Salerno


  • Lorin Horton

    I’ve been contemplating purchasing a pair of Epoch 7’s if I had a chance to rename them I would consider the coloring from the brilliant orange/red frame to the bright yellow/gold on the front of the lenses to the smoke gray/black on back of the lenses Maui or going in another direction Eclipse would be a good name for this pair of shades ! Would love to see what others think and the list of names that have already been given. :)

  • Robert Hamilton

    I have 2 monocled Cobras as pets. Their names are Wawa and Lala. If the names make the cut on some shades I’m sure they’d be proud. Love your products. Love supporting fellow vets. Rangers lead the way!

  • Jeff

    Love the assortment of shades from epoch.
    They all fit well but the 5’s sit perfectly under my golf or baseball cap…love em.
    When I wear them I just feel “studly”
    So name them Studly.


    I would like to see one of the glasses named Crackerjack after my therapy horse who gave his life to helping Special needs children n adults at Special Equestrians, Inc in Ft. Myers, FL. He was n will forever be my hero❤🐴


    Love Epochs…have worn for many years n recommended to countless friends

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