Sunglass Care

Sunglass Care For Dummies

Sunglass care is hard.

After carrying out the necessary research and development needed to help you take care of your shades, we are excited to release THE BEST SUNGLASS CARE INSTRUCTIONAL EVER. Head to the video below to waste a minute of your life that you can never have back.




  • Clean with a microfiber cloth before putting away. Always rinse with tap water after exposure to pool or salt water.
  • Wipe away sweat, oil, and other residue to keep them clean. Wash your bag to remove debris and keep it clean.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and conditions for extended periods of time.

Do Not:

  • Allow chlorine or salt water to sit on your lenses, they can eat away at the lens coating.
  • Expose to extreme heat and chemicals.
  • Use glass cleaning solutions, they may damage the lens coating.
  • Use abrasive materials to clean lenses.
  • Place them face down.

Sunglass care seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Figure it out guys, or just BUY MORE. Whatever works.


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