Polarized VS Non-Polarized

Polarized VS Non-Polarized

What's the difference? Why don't you just type it into google yourself? No? Fine.

Both options carry their own advantages, and the decision ultimately falls on your typical sunglass use and preference. They perform similarly in filtering out harmful UVA/UVB rays, however polarized lenses react differently when it comes to reflected light. In short, polarized lenses allow normal concentrations of light to pass through, while blocking out intense concentrations of reflected light. How, you might ask? Magic.

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The magic of restricting vibrations of a transverse wave to one direction, that is, thus blocking reflected light from glaring through. In situations where the sunlight is overwhelming, polarized lenses are preferred as they can reduce glare, improve clarity, and go further by cancelling out the bright reflected light.

Polarized lenses are the premiere ticket when it comes to being on the water, eliminating glare, and allowing us to see right through it. So, other than the heftier price, why would someone bail on polarized lenses? 

Non-polarized are favored over polarized lenses when it comes to water on the road, patches of ice, and digital displays. As their polarized counterparts can make it more difficult to see screens and potential water hazards. In cloudy and overcast scenarios, there is not typically a need for polarized lenses.

Ultimately, the right choice between Polarized versus Non-Polarized comes down the individual's wants and needs. Now, when it comes to Epoch Shades versus The Competition, it's a completely different ballgame. Shop wisely, my friends. Word on the street is, our lenses make everything a little red, white, and bluer.


  • mona thorpe

    It is not recommeneded to wear polarized glasses while riding , when wearing a helmet with a shirld of any tint. also or when riding behind a windshield on a motorcycle, It can cause a distortion in vision.

  • Rebecca Milner

    I love polarized lenses for driving in the rain, too!! But my everyday go-to is those brown lenses!!

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